Distinctive branding key to consumer loyalty – report


Majority of Kenyans buy from companies with distinctive branding, a new study reveals.

The study by Elite Mawu Agency reveals that more than 65 percent of Kenyans interact with companies that have attractive branding that include distinctive creative logos and branding collateral.

The report dubbed Kenya Branding Report Card 2022, indicates that brands with originality with its branding attracts more interaction and buy-ins.

“There are small businesses with similar products at every corner, so what makes your business different? Your brand! Stand out from the competition and develop your brand further than just a logo,” said Elite Mawu Agency Chief Executive and Founder Esther Murugi.

According to the report, branding provides an emotional link by tying people to lifestyles because by acquiring a brand, we tell ourselves who we are and where we belong.

“Your brand is the first interaction a person will have with your business. Branding should be a kind of summary of your brand experience. This includes things like tone of voice, content design and your customer service. The logo and the branding collateral are, however, extremely important and can help you determine some of the other pieces of your brand,” Murugi explained.

The report also reveals that having a consistent design throughout your brick and mortar store as well as online, helps people become familiar with the business they are dealing with.

According to the report, consumers pay higher for goods and services from distinctive brands than from brands with poor branding.

“80 percent of consumers will buy from a brand with a logo and brand colors and with a consistent social media presence, than brands without. The bottom line is, a strong brand elicits trust from consumers and makes your small business feel more legitimate,” the report says.

The research was done online through a survey and had 1000 respondents from Kenyan consumers in different categories that include, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Logistics, Agriculture, Fintech among others based in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.

The report was released during the firm’s third year anniversary in Nairobi.

“An emotional connection with your consumers should be your business’ top priority. After all, people don’t have relationships with products, they are loyal to brands. A strong brand loyalty will ensure that customers will always pick your product over another one,” she concludes.


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